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Who is Responsible Anyway?

Ask for proof of the following insurances before, during and after construction. If a builder does not have the proper insurance, the home owner is responsible!

Here is a list of insurances the builder should carry to fully protect the home owner:

Liability insurance: a minimum of two million as well as fire and theft.

W.S.I.B: (work safety and insurance board): copies of clearance certificates for the builder's crew, any trades working underneath him or any persons working on the site whom are self employed.

Equipment insurance: on trucks, trailers, snowmobiles, heavy machinery etc. belonging to the builder on the site.

Builder's risk insurance: this policy is actually less expensive if the homeowner purchases it through their existing home owner's insurance.

IMPORTANT: If the insurances required by the builder are not paid up,
the liability transfers over to the home owner.




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