brandSTAND – Muskoka's Advertising Company
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Imagine placing an ad message in front of your target market without any distractions…

With many of today’s media forms, avoiding ads can be as easy as hitting a button to skip an ad or install an Adblocker. Avoiding indoor advertisements is not quite as simple. Until such a day comes that we are all living full-time in a VR world, the effectiveness of indoor advertising will only continue to grow.
brandSTAND posters in a bathroom above the hand dryers

Get Seen, For A Longer Time, GUARANTEED

At brandSTAND, we deliver our clients a captive audience by placing indoor advertising in carefully selected, high-traffic venues with targeted demographics. Our background in advertising (our day jobs) eventually led us to Indoor advertising. In developing advertising and media plans for our clients we are constantly seeking quality, brand building, and impactful advertising vehicles and this is exactly how brandSTAND came to life.    Read More >

Located indoors in a restaurant setting, brandSTAND guarantees your message is seen

Indoor Ads Are
Non-Invasive Media

Indoor ads cannot be closed, skipped or flipped, and unquestionably have a longer period of engagement than almost any advertising vehicle. Well-placed indoor advertising is a guaranteed way of achieving targetted exposure for your business – because people with discretionary income, spend money in the venues that we partner with! Read More >

When in a washroom setting, brandSTAND's exposure lasts an average of 3 minutes and 15 seconds.

FAR More Targeted Than Billboards

Most ad messages are gone before you know it, whereas the exposure to an indoor ad in washrooms lasts for an average of 3 minutes and 15 seconds. Position in public spaces (within some venues) can be upwards of and hour! This duration of message exposure is absolutely unheard of in any other media form. Why? Because great physical space will always have value for the same reason that real estate continues to increase over time… Read More >

Advertising is good for your business.
Good advertising is better!

Our clients’ successes are our successes: deeply rooted in ideas and the professional execution of campaigns that bear these ideas to market. Our commitment to our projects is the ultimate commitment, as we firmly believe that “we are what we produce” and that this mantra extends into everything we do.

Tyler Allair

Creative Dir./Project manager

Kristi Dominelli

Production Dir./Senior Designer

Lianne Suggitt


Barry Hartford

Director of New Business Development

Jen Allair

Accounting & Admin

Sarah Fulton May

Writer & Editor

Robert Nelson

Collaborating Photographer

Patrick Nelson

Web Design & Developer

Partner Venues

We partner with some of the most respected proprietors in the Muskoka Region.
Great businesses, run by excellent humans, makes for a great brandSTAND venue!